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Build A Kid's Library

Encouraging kids to read more and enjoy reading; one book at a time.

Click HERE to register a kid who needs a home library.
(only available to kids in Detroit, MI, and surrounding areas)

Click HERE to help us build a kid's library. We will build 25 home libraries in 2022
(Your donations will buy books and postage for kid's library)

Bringing the community together to put

books in the homes of Detroit kids.


For families living in poverty, books are a luxury purchase outweighed by basic living expenses. More than half of families living in poverty don’t have children’s books in their homes. Together you and I can give a child the fun, mystery, and adventure that will change their lives by building their home library of at least 12 books by the end of 2022. 

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Build A Kid's Library
Our goal is to help fight the literacy problem that some kids face and to be there for kids who need someone to read with.

54% of U.S. adults ages 16-74 years old or about 130,000,000 people read below 6th-grade level?

In 2016, the Michigan Legislature passed a law making it so that 3rd graders will not be able to go on to the fourth grade if they read a grade level behind based on their score on the M-STEP reading assessment.

Hi I'm Karter the 10 year old CEO of Popcorn and Books. When I read those stats above I knew that I had to do something so I went to my grandma who is a school teacher and asked her if she could ask her principal if I could go to their school and read to kids. My idea was to show them that reading is fun and encourage them to read. I had a popcorn business where I sold popcorn at local vending event so I had planned on sharing popcorn and read books with them.  This is where I got the idea of my business name 'Popcorn and Books'. Covid-19 shut the schools down before I had the chance so I had to think of other ways to encourage them to read.  


a positive example of fun reading.

kid's with books to build their home library.
kids to read more and enjoy reading

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