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Meet Karter

We support children in their literacy journey by helping them enjoy reading through read-aloud events, subscription boxes, and community engagements.

Reading is so much fun, it’s like watching a good movie but without the screen! For 10 year old Karter Johnson, reading is his superpower. Karter is an avid reader who began reading at the age of 2 so imagine his surprise when a letter sent by his homeschool partnership teacher informed his family that if a child was not reading on level by the end of third grade they would not be promoted to the 4th grade. Karter’s mom, not being concerned about her child dismissed the letter and threw it out but Karter became concerned and started asking questions. After doing an internet search about the literacy problem kids face, he discovered that reading aloud to children can help to improve their reading. Karter has always had an entrepreneurial mindset, selling fresh popped popcorn at vending events to make money and when he learned about this reading problem, he got an idea.
That little idea was the “Kernel that POPPED“ into his successful and popular business, Universal Popcorn presents Popcorn and Books. Popcorn and books is a reading program that encourages kids to read more and to enjoy reading. Through his subscription box Karter sends fun and exciting books to children all over the country. In the box he includes popcorn for the kids to enjoy while they read.

Karter was set to Kick off his reading program in March of 2020 by engaging in an in school reading tour, but the Corona Virus impacted his plans. Refusing to be discouraged, Karter decided to take his reading tour online and he began reading in his Facebook group Universal Popcorn instead. In addition to reading the books, he also began to do book reviews. As a result, many self published authors and children’s book writers have begun sending him books to review. Although plans changed, the response to his online reading program has been overwhelming.

Karter launched his subscription book box for kids ages 5-10 in the fall of 2020. To promote his box he spends time reading online. He hosts the “Build your kid’s library” on Facebook and He does a “Chapter 1 read” where he reads the first chapter of a Chapter book on his Instagram page.

When asked what he wants to be when he grows up Karter, responded “I want to be an author when I grow up” He soon added, “well I don’t have to wait until I grow up to be an author I can do that now.” Six months later by the end of 2020 Karter Johnson is a published author at the age of 9 years old. Karter, contributed a chapter in the book The Science Behind it Formulating Success While Impacting The World A book where 11 kid entrepreneurs tell the story of their entrepreneurial journey beginning at a young age.


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